A Field Trip to a Lesbian Marriage

So, did you hear the latest news on same-sex marriage?  An elementary school teacher in San Francisco was getting married, and a parent came up with the idea of sending the students on a “field trip” to surprise the teacher.  When asked if it was justified as related to the curriculum, the director of the school said, “It really was what we call a teachable moment.  I think I’m well within the parameters.”

No, No, No.  That’s not o.k!  Can I tell you as an elementary school teacher, it is our job to teach curriculum, not beliefs.  These students are just too impressionable, and I say that from personal experience.  Whatever I tell my students, they automatically believe is true.  It doesn’t matter how absurb, far-fetched, or inappropriate – they don’t have any filters!  That’s why it is so important for us as educators to have filters.  There are just some things that it’s not o.k. to discuss.

What would happen if I entered school tomorrow and said, “Boys and girls, tomorrow we are going on a field trip to the  _________ church (you fill in the blank).  I think it is important for you to be exposed to different religions.”

You know the consequences as well as I do.   I would be inundated with angry parents questioning how visiting a church has anything to do with public education.  My principal would write me up faster than I could blink, and my colleagues would disown me.

So, why the double standard?


See the San Francisco Chronicle article at:


For more information about Prop 8, visit What Is Prop 8? or ProtectMarriage.com


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  1. Abby on

    Great blog!! Thank you for sharing this great info. and especially for your powerful insights as a teacher. You are soooo 100% right!

    I’m so glad me and my family & friends are voting YES! on prop. 8


  2. beetlebabee on

    It is outrageous to me that the opposition claims that same sex marriage will have no effect on our society. Several people have told me, I don’t believe those consequences will happen, it’s just propaganda. Well here it is in black and white for all to see!

    I read a sign recently in a news article that read, “How does my same sex marriage harm yours?” What is the harm to our children, to our rights, to our freedoms? What is the harm to our nation, our families, if same sex marriage as a currently defined “civil right” continues to move forward? The gay marriage lobby contends that it won’t hurt, won’t harm, won’t change anything for the majority of society, but the evidence is mounting, demonstrating that not only will things change, but they will change in a major way. In the Washington March for Gay Pride in 1993, they chanted, “We’re here. We’re queer. And we’re coming after your children.” Is that just some fringe quote? Or is it indicative of a widely held innate desire to be accepted by society at all costs?

    If we don’t start fighting back, changes will come like dominoes across the nation. Massachusetts, California, Connecticut….if we’re going to stand up, now is the time. Marriage is the fundamental building block of our society, changes to it’s definition will create ripples of change reaching every corner of our lives over time. This is not a small issue.

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  4. […] still waiting for the No on 8 commercials to defend the First Grade Field Trip to a Lesbian Wedding or the Faith Ringgold School Kindergarten Coming Out Day . Weren’t these instances of the […]

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