CTA Spending My Hard Earned Dues!

I pay over $50 a month in dues to my teacher’s union, and for what? So they can give the money to the California Teacher’s Union, who in turn wastes it by spending over $1 million to defeat Proposition 8! AAAH! See the links below and watch this video:

CTA Gives One Million To No On 8

CTA Gives One Million Against Prop 8

For more information about Prop 8, visit What Is Prop 8? or ProtectMarriage.com


6 comments so far

  1. beetlebabee on

    CTA Backlash is in full swing. This is the information that I got from my brother in Sacramento. He says we can get the money refunded.


  2. Troy on

    Did anyone you know participate in CTA Tuesday? I did! We sent a letter to the CTA president. If you participated, they’re collecting responses here: http://beetlebabee.wordpress.com/2008/10/21/cta-tuesday-response

  3. californiacrusader on

    Thanks for the information. I haven’t heard of anyone yet but I will forward them to beetlebabee if I do.

  4. queerunity on

    Marriage equality is a family values issue! Why shouldn’t same-sex couples and their children have access to the 1,049 rights and benefits that come with marriage? Like the right to visit a loved one in a hospital, or to file joint tax returns. Marriage as a term has evolved, it used to mean a man with many wives, than it was a woman being the property of her man, now it is about love and financial planning. Gay & lesbian couples should have the same access to this beautiful institution and would only serve to strengthen it. Don’t hurt our families, vote NO on prop h8!

  5. californiacrusader on

    I certainly respect your opinion, but I disagree with your conclusions. If it was only about rights, that would be one thing. My big concern, and in fact the whole point of this blog, is the many consequences same-sex marriage will have in public schools. I’m not just talking of immediate consequences, the ones that many of those on the No side dispute. I’m talking about unforeseeable consequences in 5, 10, and 15 years down the road. It’s a Pandora’s Box I’m not willing to open.

    Thank you for commenting on your views without resorting to name calling. I wish everyone on both sides would follow that example.

  6. momwithavoice on

    I am frustrated that an organization dedicated to serving our schools, supposedly, would donate this kind of money when our schools are fighting for every dollar jut to education students. I can’t stand by and do nothing! Please join with Californians everywhere in protest by joining a donation blitz to the Yes on 8 campaign. If only half of the 600,000 people who already donated money gave an additional $10, we would raise $3 million and effectively negate the CTA’s efforts. Imagine what would happen if they donated $20 each. Or $100? To donate, go to http://protectmarriage.com/ and follow the link Donate Now.

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