My Prop 8 Yahoo Search

If you read my previous post, I was pretending to be an undecided voter searching the internet for some Proposition 8 blogs.  Read My Prop 8 Google Search for the sad results.  Anyways, I wondered, would I get similar results if I searched on Yahoo for Proposition 8 blogs? As far as I know, they don’t have an official stance on same-sex vs. traditional marriage. In my first few pages of results, I found a few positive websites for Proposition 8 – the protect marriage website, a few newspaper editorials, etc., but no real blogs exclusively dedicated in favor of Prop 8. On search page 3, I did find the blog ETC: Everyday Thoughts Collected which had a post called Andy Comiskey Blogs about Marriage in Support of Proposition 8 The link is below.  Unfortunately, after going another 7 or 8 pages, I didn’t find another Yes on 8 blog.  The No on 8 people seem to be ruling the blogosphere for now.  If you care about traditional marriage, fight back!  Please go to this link from Protect Marriage where they post some of the best Yes on 8 blogging (since the search engines can’t seem to find them).  Then, add them as a link from your blog.

Andy Comiskey Blogs about Marriage in Support of Proposition 8

Protect’s Around The Blogs

For more information about Prop 8, visit What Is Prop 8?


2 comments so far

  1. Robert on

    I’m a CHRISTIAN and I’m voting NO on 8.


    Because it seems that all the funding has come from false Christian groups like ROMAN CATHOLICS and “MORMONS” both of whom are idolaters (worshiping Men, Mary, beads, little statues of saints, etc).

    IDOLATRY is a worse sin. Voting yes on 8 supports idolatry.

    (Fight the War On Savings

  2. californiacrusader on

    Thanks for your comments, Robert. You are definitely entitled to your opinion.

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