California Teacher speaks out

Here’s a youtube video by a California teacher upset over the California Teacher Association donation to No on 8. Check it out!

For more information about Prop 8, visit What Is Prop 8? or


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  1. Martha on

    Please Vote YES for Proposition 8 and protect our rights. Protect our families. No one should be forced to believe any thing. It’s about choice, regardless of your sexual orientation.

  2. Abby on

    Thank you for your great post! If you know to stop at a red light, you’d agree it’s unreasonable to say to your child would you like an apple or an apple when you’re holding up 1 apple and 1 banana!!

    For a changing society, we need NEW TERMS to describe the types of relationships people have the free choice to form – not new laws that will put us all in speech & religious bondage.

    Vote not with emotion but with reason; get the facts:,, and Let’s you , me, and our same-sex friends unite to vote Yes! on Prop. 8.

  3. Abby on

    We are so proud of the teacher in that youtube and of all teachers like you!!

    Thank you =)

  4. jeremy on

    Just wanted to get your opinion on an idea that may or may not be a good approach. I have heard about people searching for proposition 8 in google and then clicking on the “yes on prop 8” or “no on prop8” paid ad links that appear at the top of the search results in google. Each time someone clicks on these links it is costing that campaign money. I guess clicking on the “no on prop 8” ad is costing Hollywood stars like Ellen money they donated to the no on 8 campaign. I imagine if you were to break out the donations made to each campaign that the yes on 8 campaign’s donations have been made by at least twice as many people as the amount of people contributing to the “no on 8 campaign”. The majority of donations made to the “no on 8” campaign have been made by Hollywood starts like Brad Pitt, Ellen Degeneres, and Steven Spielberg. Don’t forget the CTA, is it a bad idea for people who feel betrayed by the $1.2 million donation made by the CTA to fight back by clicking on the “no on prop 8” paid search link multiple times each day? What do you think……

  5. californiacrusader on

    Both sides of the campaign are not going to run out of money in the final two weeks of the campaign. By clicking on the No on 8 link, all you are really doing is making them more popular next time someone searches the internet for Proposition 8 information. If you want to make a difference, visit all the Yes on 8 blogs, youtube videos, and websites you can find and post positive comments. Let’s send the internet traffic our way, not theirs.

  6. beetlebabee on

    Have you heard about the Camilla Letter from the girl in Folsom?

    California Teacher’s Association Responds to “Camilla Letter”
    Board Member Jim Rogers responds directly to student letter with abrupt condescension, sparking local outrage

    In a letter questioning CTA choices in this matter, Folsom High School student Camilla X, wrote to CTA officials protesting their use of teacher funds and received this shockingly worded reply from CTA/NEA coordinator, Jim Rogers….and this is a direct quote:

    “Thanks, Sweetie, but it’s over for now. And it’s really none of your business.”

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