My Favorite Prop 8 Blogs

O.k. As many of you know, and as you can see in my blogroll, there are many, many proposition 8 blogs out there. Some of us are pretty clunky with our words, but others have the gift of gab. I thought I’d point you to some of my favorite Yes on 8 blogs, and I would encourage you to NOT visit the No on 8 blogs and post comments. All it does is give them more internet traffic. Spend your time making thoughtful comments on blogs IN FAVOR of Marriage between a man and a woman.

Mom’s For Marriage

Mom Plus Dad Equals Marriage


Beetle Blogger

Abby Earth’s Weblog

Michelle Malkin

Everyday Thoughts Collected

Protect Marriage (Click on Around the Blogs)

For more information about how to blog for Prop 8, visit How To Blog About Prop 8


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  1. Alexander on

    Yes indeed! And YES on 8!!!

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