School Holds Surprise “Gay” Day for kindergarteners

People, I’m not making this stuff up. For all of you out there that are buying the lies from the No on 8 commercials, here’s more proof of the unintended consequences of approving same-sex marriage in California. This week, Faith Ringgold School of Art and Science in Hayward, California is celebrating Gay and Lesbian History month by holding a “Coming Out Day”. A Kindergartner told her mother that she is “learning to be allies” with homosexuals. Parents WERE NOT given an opt-out notice. Need I say more?

Spread the word, here’s the link:

School Holds Surprise Gay Day

For more information about Prop 8, visit What Is Prop 8? or


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  1. Alexander on

    Keep up the good work!

    I encourage everyone to support other blogs that endorse a Yes on 8 vote. Join the Yes on 8 movement!

    One of mine:

  2. beetlebabee on

    The opposition’s claims that their self interests are not being met are just selfish. They have no right to impose their moral views on our children. ESPECIALLY without our consent. It’s more than just “love” at stake here. I think it’s important to recognize the human rights of the children involved. France rejected same sex marriage because it trampled the rights of children.

    MONTREAL, March 20, 2006 ( – In late January, a 30 member parliamentary commission of the French National Assembly published a 453 page Report on the Family and the rights of Children, which rejected same-sex marriage.

    DeSerres, told “Referring to the rights of children as a human rights issue, the report argued that children ‘now have rights and to systematically give preference to adult aspirations over respect for these rights is not possible any more.’”

    In the report, the commission says that “the child represents the future of society.” The commission asks legislators to make sure that “children, confronted with mutations in family models, be fully taken into account and not suffer from situations imposed upon them by adults.” It adds: “The interest of the child must take precedence over adults’ exercise of their freedom (…) including with regards to parents’ lifestyle choices.”

  3. Bethany on

    I read about this yesterday, and I was horrified. I actually had to call my own mom to vent about it – she lives out of state. I can’t believe that they think this is appropriate education for our 5 year old children. Those poor little kids are going to be so confused. Why 5 year olds are being taught about human sexuality at all is beyond me. And under equality laws, shouldn’t they have to have a day to celebrate traditional marriage too? You can’t just promote one. The lengths they went to in order to hide this activity from the parents tells me that they knew they were doing something objectionable.

  4. abbyearth on

    Homosexual Relationships Are Statisically Very Unstable With Anti-Marriage Partner & Sex Habits. Check Out The Hard Core Research Statistics Yourself. Then Vote Yes Prop. 8. For REAL Marriage…Here’s the original article containing massive research from a lot of independent researchers: Publication “Homosexual Marriage: A Social Science View” Here:

  5. beetlebabee on

    Bethany, you’re right, it’s completely terrifying that they would want this kind of confusion in the schools.

    The more I look at it the clearer it becomes, gay rights activists have an agenda. They say that gayness is not a choice, that it’s genetically driven, so we shouldn’t deny them their lifestyle and we’re discriminating if we do. But the statistics show that children raised in a gay environment are much more likely to choose the gay lifestyle themselves.

    While there may be some genetic component, the consensus is that it is most likely a combination of genetics and societal influence. For instance, one of our high schools is having a rash of homosexual type experimentation because it’s become the edge thing to do.

    That has everything to do with environment and nothing to do with genetics. That a school would choose to immerse the future generations with this kind of crosstalk and confusion is unfathomable.

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  7. Nick Orvis on

    I’m very confused. All you people who support Prop8 seem to believe that children are being taught about human sexuality, when I’ve seen nothing to suggest that. Are there same-sex couples shown in early education (Wirthlins, for example)? Yes. But I see nothing there about sexuality, just affection and love–purely emotional issues.

    How is it different from reading a book about a heterosexual marriage?

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  9. […] Back to schools – here’s another reminder of why we don’t want to redefine marriage. The following attachment is a letter sent to parents of students at Faith Ringgold School in Hayward, California. Yes, the same one that had the Coming Out Day for kindergarteners (see my post School Holds Surprise Gay Day for Kindergarteners) […]

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