The Effects of Same-Sex Marriage in Massachusetts Schools

Check out this great article from a fellow Yes on 8 blogger, Info on 8.

As I have been saying in my blog, same-sex marriage will affect our schools. As this article explains, for Massachusetts, it began immediately with school-wide assemblies in high schools, then trickled into the middle school instruction a few months later. It took until the next school year, but it did end up in the elementary schools, with the now famous case of Rob and Robin Wirthlin.

As a California elementary school teacher, I strongly believe it will happen here as well if Proposition 8 fails. It may take longer than a year or two because of our stronger opt-out laws. But mark my words, it will arrive in the elementary school classroom “whether you like it or not” UNLESS we pass Prop 8.

Here’s the link to Info on 8’s blog:

Same-Sex Marriage in Massachusetts Schools

For more information about Prop 8, visit What Is Prop 8? or


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    What happened to your post about “teachable moments”?

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