Same-Sex Marriage in California Schools

Please watch this new video from the Family Research Council. It discusses the Parker and Wirthlin families , both whose children were taught about same-sex marriage in Massachusetts schools. Think it can’t happen in California? Read my other posts where it already has!

School Holds Surprise Gay Day for Kindergarteners

A Field Trip to a Lesbian Wedding

And don’t forget, to date, the California Teachers Association has given $1,312,998 against Proposition 8 making them the largest institutional donor to the No on 8 campaign. Why are they so concerned about the outcome of Prop 8 if it really has nothing to do with public schools?

Here’s the video:

For more information about Prop 8, visit What Is Prop 8? or


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  1. abbyearth on

    Keep up the great work on your blog!! =)
    How & Why Did France DENY Same Sex Couples Marriage?
    France Says Marriage Is Strictly Reserved For Heterosexual Couples!

    Why? The Answer Will Probably Surprise You!

    Please Read It &
    Place Your Vote With A Clear Conscious For YES! On Prop. 8…

  2. Jeremy on

    Great blog, thanks for the information, Have you seen this article? It is amazing to see how far opponents of Proposition 8 will go to see this prop doesn’t pass. This was quite an eye-opener. It is worth reading all the way to the end.

  3. beetlebabee on

    Protect our kids. Vote YES on Proposition 8

    Download Gay Day information flyer for parents of school age children and grandchildren here:

    I printed these up and passed them around my neighborhood. Parents need to know!

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