No on 8’s Final Stand. . .as they ignore Faith Ringgold School

Either the No on 8 people are getting really desperate, or they just have a whole bunch of money to spend. Every time I turn on the television, I see another Hollywood actor telling me to vote No on 8. The funniest one was tonight when the stars of t.v.’s Ugly Betty told us why they think Proposition 8 is unfair and wrong. Tony Plana had the quote of the night – “Proposition 8 has nothing to do with religion or schools”. Nothing to do with schools? Well, you’ve heard me argue that silly statement away. But, nothing to do with religion? Isn’t that why many voters are against same-sex marriage, because it goes against their religious beliefs? How can you spout such nonsense?

So, all you Proposition 8 opponents, you have your friends in Hollywood with all their money supporting your slick t.v. ads. You’ve convinced senators, the State Superintendent of Schools, the CTA, etc., etc., etc. You even got Jerry Brown to change the ballot title and summary so that it said “eliminate rights of same-sex couples to marry” from it’s original wording of “amends the California Constitution to provide that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.” And even with all these advantages, if you win, it will only be by a small margin.

What does that say? Most Californians WANT marriage to be defined as between a man and woman. We supporters of Proposition 8 aren’t rich and famous, so we have to resort to writing these blogs, hoping our voice will be heard over all the shouting of the No on 8 bloggers. Take away Hollywood, and we’d win by a landslide. And guess what? We still might anyways!

Back to schools – here’s another reminder of why we don’t want to redefine marriage. The following attachment is a letter sent to parents of students at Faith Ringgold School in Hayward, California. Yes, the same one that had the Coming Out Day for kindergarteners (see my post School Holds Surprise Gay Day for Kindergarteners)

Note how the school described this instruction on homosexuality as “anti-bias training”, thus taking away parents’ rights to remove their children from the curriculum. Pretty sneaky, wouldn’t you say?

Letter to Parents at Faith Ringgold School


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  1. Roland on

    Thank you for posting.

    I have heard from a great many California Educators that are steaming mad about the CTA $1M donation to No on 8.

    They all argue that kids that come from a home with both a Father and Mother perform much better in school.

  2. […] is the time to make your voice heard. Talk to your friends and colleagues. Get your neighbors and go wave a sign on a […]

  3. busywithconviction on

    Wow. I agree with what you have said here, even if this post has a finger waving tone about it.

  4. californiacrusader on

    Yeah, you’re right, busywithconviction. Sometimes it’s hard to keep emotions under check

  5. Ann on

    Teaching respect for our gay brothers and sisters is far different than teaching gay marriage, folks. Are you trying to tell me that we should teach our children to hate others and to treat them badly? Isn’t that just as wrong as what you are accusing of others of???

  6. Rita on

    Ann, I teach a scripture class 5 days a week to high school students (6:30-7:40am. I believe it is our duty to stand up for marriage as described clearly in the Bible, as well as love our neighbors. I have had a few students who occassional spout some anti-gay remarks when Prop 8 comes up. My response is standing up for our religious beliefs about marriage is only part of what we are called to do. Truly turning the other cheek and condemning the sin and not the sinner is of equal importance to the Lord. Christ’s ways are not easy. For me it is easier to get upset and condescending and take a stand than to be tender harder and take a stand. Anger can be a powerful motivator- scriptures are full of acts that rightful provoke anger. We just can’t stay in that place to long and not have some side effects like bitterness, name-calling, and finger shaking. People like Beetleblogger and californiacrusader do so much good and devote so much of their precious time and energy to educate and serve others. The gospel is simple but the path is narrow and none of us are upto the demands of Christianity without strength and direction from the Lord. Thanks for listening, I’ve wanted to share this for awhile.

    the CALIFORNIA TEACHER EMPOWERMENT NETWORK site is just incredible. Continue to pass it on, it is a non-partisan group of teachers working to inform teachers of their rights as CTA members and
    find alternate ways of voicing concerns (since CTA and NEA have agendas far removed from the average teacher issues. Thanks.

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