Faith Ringgold School Kindergarten Pledge Card

Please watch this new youtube video from the coalition to protect marriage. It discusses Faith Ringgold School in Hayward, California. If you are unfamiliar with the events happening at the school, see my other posts, or click here for the original news report School Holds Surprise Gay Day. To briefly summarize, the school has been in the news for holding a “Coming Out Day” for kindergartners as well as holding meetings of the Gay Straight Alliance Club in a Kindergarten classroom.

Details have emerged of a pledge card the kindergartners were asked to sign that said they would be “allies” of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender individuals. This is just too much for a young student to understand. It has nothing to do with tolerance and everything to do with the gay activist agenda. Anyways, the video puts it better than I do, so please watch!

For more information about Prop 8, visit What Is Prop 8? or


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  1. abbyearth on

    Do You See 5-Year-Olds Signing Cards To Be Allies To Heterosexual Practices??

    Why Are They Signing Cards For Homosexual Practices IN SCHOOL?

    Save Our Kid’s Childhood. Vote YES! Prop. 8

    See this why:,2933,445865,00.html

    P.S. You have a great blog! =)
    That YouTube brought tears to my eyes. Children deserve an innocent childhood not to be used as polical game pieces.
    Thank you for defending the children.

  2. Dan Littell on

    People of California pull your kids out of these schools,move to the midwest of this country and put your children in schools that actually teach something.California is a sick state.The people either dont care about anything but themselves or are to busy with following the latest bunch of idiots to see what their doing to which was once a great state.

  3. Ann on

    What I see from this is that gay marriage still isn’t being taught in the school, but respect for ALL individuals IS. That is a noble goal. I commend these schools for teaching children (at any age) that ALL people have value. Prejudiced homophobes are the sick ones, the true abominations. And I’ve spent time in the midwest–NO THANK YOU. But you are right about one thing, there are more ingnorant, prejudiced people there than here!
    Grow a heart.

  4. Show Me No Hate on

    It is completely clear to me that some of you have no clue about the function of GLSEN and the truth about this story. The school was participating in LGBT History Month and the program is specifically targeted to students, with their parents. I am sure those parents who were shocked didn’t read their child’s take home letter announcing the month. I have participated in these GLSEN programs before (with children) and they are to be carried across the board not just with older students but the little ones too. Why? Well typically students have older siblings or cousins in the same school and since the discussion is school-wide celebrating a LGBT History Month, it is used to mainly stop “bullying” – period. This has nothing to do about the promotion of Homosexuality, the gay lifestyle or even sex-ed. This is about tolerance and diversity folks, which the last time I checked my calendar its 2008 and teaching both tolerance and diversity are key elements in a secular American Education System. If your children watch any television, listen to any radio or surf the internet they will be bombarded by words and terms. Its the effort of organizations like GSLEN to dismantle intolerance and hate focused at “perceived” gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered youth in their schools. Bullying is a horrible act of where hatred manifests itself and if not checked can grow into serious violence in adulthood. The teacher and school should be commended for actually addressing the issues around bullying and use of words that hurt. (Similar materials were used after US Court mandated desegregation in public schools to educate white students about African American culture sensitivity; similar programs continue to operate in schools lead by the Anti-Defamation League, Latinos Against Hate Speech, Disabled Americans and the Southern Poverty Law Center.)

    Just imagine if this story was about Kindergarten students signing a card not to use anti-Jewish hate speech; or anti-Mexican slurs; or hate speech directed toward disabled kids. Would you even blink an eyelash? Probably not because deep down inside you needed to sign these cards when you were being raised by your homophobic family, and bigoted communities.

    Stop the hate, and support the love of all Americans.

  5. Tony on

    all the teachers should have done was to make sure the kids knew not to use slurs like gay or fag, and tell other people not to. Not sign something they couldn’t even understand.

    I totally support anti-hate speech, but these are little kids we are talking about. making them sign pledges they couldn’t even understand was a bit much.

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