The Fight Continues. . .Protests and a NEW No on 8 Website

I thought I would be able to take a break from posting. I guess not. Today in Westwood, over a thousand gay-rights activists protested the passage of Proposition 8. They have directed their efforts against the Mormon church, whose members were among those in the coalition to protect marriage. Here is the article from the LA Times detailing this latest development.

Prop 8 Protesters Target Mormon Temple in Westwood

I found it particularly interesting that the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center has launched a new website,

As well as protests, these three lawsuits have been filed to challenge the passage of Prop 8:

Lawsuit filed by Equality California

Lawsuit filed by LA City Attorney

Lawsuit filed by Robin Tyler and Diane Olson

As a Proposition 8 supporter, I echo the thoughts of Protect Marriage’s Frank Schubert,
“If they want to legalize gay marriage, what they should do is bring an initiative themselves and ask the people to approve it. But they don’t. They go behind the people’s back to the courts and try and force an agenda on the rest of society.” (from the LA Times article Gay Rights Backers File 3 Lawsuits)

I feel that as a school teacher, this issue directly affects me and my teaching career, so I will continue to share recent developments and my thoughts regarding such. Let’s hope those who united to protect traditional marriage will continue to do so against this new threat.

As a final thought, I stumbled upon this youtube video that expresses my current feelings about being a teacher involved with this whole issue:

Please, let’s keep up the good fight!


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  1. randommisfires on

    That commercial cracks me up. Our kids are exposed to homosexuality in elementary school, but the commercial makes it sound like they never would have encountered the thought of a homosexual relationship until it was brought up in health class.

    In the last two months of talking about prop 8, my church members taught my kids more about homosexuality and same sex marriage than a school district could ever think to teach. In trying to win the Yes 8, our church kids learned vocabulary and saw situations and listened to all sorts of commercials and speeches. No need to be worried as a teacher. There’s nothing left to teach. Interestingly, my kids are also still straight. I bet that comes as a surprise.

  2. californiacrusader on

    Randomisfires, I think you misunderstood. I’m not saying that children who are exposed to homosexuality suddenly decide to change their sexual orientation. I just don’t want the curriculum redefined so that same-sex marriage is taught as equal to traditional marriage. I’m not comfortable teaching that.

  3. Heather on

    The opposition can collect all the money they want, they can bash the “Mormon church” all they want. The fact of the matter is that over 5 million Californians voted to preserve traditional marriage. And you’re right, if they want to be married, they should put an initiative on the ballot asking the voters. But they know how the people are going to vote, so they have to go behind our back. Poor losers, that’s all I have to say.

  4. beetlebabee on

    I find it wonderful that other faiths have stood with the LDS church and not let them take the flak alone.

    Los Angeles interfaith leaders voiced their support for the LDS church this afternoon, saying: “The peaceful faiths, families, educators, activists, and community servants who make up the protect Marriage Coalition are saddened to hear of the continued targeted attacks on the Mormon people during and after the conclusion of this fair and certified election. Like many churches, the family is the anchor of the LDS faith and it is no surprise that its members in California joined other faiths in giving everything they had to Proposition 8.“

    It’s one of the more amazing things of this election, that so many faiths were able to build bridges and find common ground to stand on.

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  6. johnbisceglia on

    My feelings? STAND UP NOW!

    Please read: “Please Do NOT Wait” –

    Apologies if moderator doesn’t want links.

  7. sandlakina on

    Thank you so very much for your efforts in keeping this a “good fight”. I knew it wouldn’t go away. I have a feeling even if it is didn’t pass, that there would still have been people in the streets partying it up. I am glad to be a part of a state which still has a majority of sensible people. It is frustrating to have to continue to fight, but unfortunately, I feel this will all get a lot worse before it gets any better.

    Congratulations to us all. Keep up the good work and hard efforts. We must forge ahead and be stronger than ever.

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  9. ivoteyesonprop8 on

    Thanks for keeping us up to date with Prop 8 info. It seems that there is still going to be news about Prop 8 for a while. I just wonder where all of there participation was a week ago. It will be interesting to follow the story. Thanks for posting on my blog!

  10. […] some info about the law suits filed by the opposition against the passage of Prop 8, check out this blog post by California Crusader. I got great info from this […]

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