CTA – Why Am I Giving You My Money?

Other than the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, who was the largest institutional donor to the No on 8 campaign? The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force? The Gay and Lesbian Alliance? Equality California? Nope. The winner was: THE CALIFORNIA TEACHERS ASSOCIATION, donating a total of $1,316,974 in their attempt to defeat Proposition 8. Why, you ask, did the CTA spend so much money on something that had nothing to do with schools? We teachers asked the same question. Here are two of my favorite youtube responses by California teachers:

Well, two weeks after the election, new details are emerging about the CTA’s involvement with Proposition 8. Read this post by Beetle Blogger about a high school student who took a stand, and the shocking email response from a CTA Board member: CTA Student Smack Down

But wait, it gets worse! Mid-October, I received a letter from the CTA about a new “voluntary” political contribution program. This is how the program worked – current CTA members like me had until November 1st to opt out, or CTA would assume permission to begin deducting an additional $20 of dues per year! Perhaps the CTA political coffers were getting low? Gee, I wonder where all the money went? Well, as a Proposition 8 grassroots volunteer, I was a little busy in October, so I let the opt-out deadline come and go. Last week, I emailed CTA asking how to get my $20 back. Here’s my correspondence with the CTA:

Me: “I received information in the middle of October about the $20 Voluntary Contribution to support CTA Advocacy efforts. I missed the deadline to opt out. Does that mean that I can never opt out, not even for next school year? That seems unfair.

CTA: “You will be able to opt out during the opt out window next year as well.”

Me: “When is next year’s opt out window?”

CTA: “The window will be open September to November 1 next year. Thanks.”

So, first they take my $20 with a two-week window for me to get it back. Then they tell me if I want the $20 they’re going to steal next year, I have to wait until September to ask for it? AAAAAH!


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  1. prop8discussion on

    thanks for this post. the whole thing drives me crazy. why wouldn’t you be able to opt out? any time of the year?

  2. lizziejane99 on

    Great videos! And excellent questions. Why is the CTA donating over a million dollars to the No on 8 campaign when the same campaign advertised Jack O’Connell assuring voters that same-sex marriage had nothing to do with education? Hmmm….

  3. Darren on

    You should consider visiting the web site of the California Teachers Empowerment Network, a grassroots group of teachers who help expose travesties like this. http://www.ctenhome.org

    You might want to consider becoming an agency fee payer. There’s information on how to do that at the CTEN web site and also at my blog–just click on the “CTEN” and “agency fee” labels for related posts.

  4. Darren on

    You also might enjoy this email exchange with CTA regarding Prop 8:


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