Another Teacher Annoyed by the Liberal CTA

Read this great post from blogger Darren (Right on the Left Coast) about a teacher who planned on voting against Proposition 8, but still questioned the CTA’s waste of a million dollars. Then, please continue reading Darren’s other posts about the CTA, and you’ll begin to understand why conservative teachers are so disgusted with this biased organization. Thanks, Darren, for the great info!


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  1. lizziejane99 on

    Wow, that’s good stuff. I hope that teachers really join together against this. I agree that Prop 8 aside, CTA shouldn’t be spending that much money on anything when teachers’ pay is already ridiculously low. Good luck to all of California’s teachers in fighting the CTA and it’s 800-member board!

  2. […] Another Teacher Annoyed by the Liberal CTA […]

  3. Opinion « Kingfisher Column on

    […] Another Teacher Annoyed by the Liberal CTA–California Crusader […]

  4. Dan on

    I was the pot-stirrer whose correspondence triggered the original post. Thanks for spreading the message further. Based on recent happenings in the theater community in Sacramento and L.A., I’m wondering — do I need to resign my post?

  5. californiacrusader on


    Anything I can do to help reform the CTA is time well spent! Let me know if you have any further CTA news and I’ll make sure to post an update.

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