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The Digital Network Army

For my few dozen regular readers, you know that when Prop 8 passed, I breathed a sigh of relief, and planned to take a few weeks off. Traditional marriage had been protected! But the next day, I found myself back posting, unable to remain silent as our foes protested, intimidated and harrassed anyone who voted Yes on 8. Although many of my fellow Prop 8 bloggers had permanently closed shop, I felt a passionate need to continue to defend traditional marriage, even if I blogged alone. And frankly, after a few weeks, I wondered how long I could continue. Then, a ray of hope – an email from an old friend – the DNA Team Captain!

What is the DNA, you ask? It stands for the Digital Network Army, a group of online supporters of traditional marriage who agreed to work in unison to defend this sacred institution. During the height of the Prop 8 battle, we received daily emails from our captain, and we, the soldiers, blogged, rated youtube videos, commented on news stories, and did whatever else possible to make our voices heard. But, like others wearied in the battle to defend traditional marriage, the captain also decided to call it quits after the election. I received the final email on November 6th, and I assumed the DNA was dead.

So you can imagine my joy when two weeks later I received this email from our team captain:

Dear DNA,

I have received numerous emails from people who tell me the fight for traditional marriage has just begun and we shouldn’t stop our efforts now! And, well . . . they’re right! What was once a heated discussion here in California has spread like wildfire all around the United States and across the world. Even here in California, the discussion is far from settled. People everywhere are deciding which side of the fence they belong to, and we need to be anxiously engaged in helping traditional marriage remain the calm and settled standard across America.

So – we have decided to resurrect the DNA. Will you continue to stand with us? Will you help us stand up for our nation and continue to stand up for your state? We need your help! Just as California has gone through the fire, so will Connecticut and soon New York.

As you are well aware, gay activists are frenzied! They continue to scream vehemently on the Internet and in the media, and they will not consider any view except a complete acceptance of same-sex marriage.

The format of the DNA, however, is going to change somewhat. For example, the “Team Captain” will not be a particular person. Rather, the burden will be shared by several people. I will be stepping down as the permanent team captain and handing over the reigns to a new Team Captain for his/her shift. Each Team Captain may have a slightly different tone and strategy – but the goal will always be the same: to mobilize the DNA troops and, working together, make an incredible difference in this battle to preserve traditional marriage.

I will formally ask each Team Captain to preserve the DNA’s strong values of respect and kindness towards ALL people – including thosewho are screaming at us. I ask the same of each of you.

Thank you for continued support of this great cause! We have worked a miracle in California, and we can do it again. And we must! Grab your helm, and let’s get busy!


Old Team Captain

The DNA is back in business! And now, we have a team of captains, each taking turns leading the troops. I for one am excited and honored to continue the work of defending traditional marriage. How about you? Are you ready and willing to stand up for this sacred institution? Join now and do your part! Let’s protect traditional marriage!



4 comments so far

  1. deeps0uth on

    I am as excited as you! Go DNA! How fantastic to have a dedicated group of individuals uniting in the common cause of protecting the decency and sanctity of marriage. I am thrilled. Thanks for posting this call to arms. You are to be commended and admired for your continued coverage of this larger-than-life issue.

  2. rubyeliot on

    thank you so much! go team!

  3. rubyeliot on

    p.s. don’t worry! i signed up!

  4. journalista chronicle on

    Yeah for the DNA!!! I’m glad it’s still up and running!!! I had so much fun being part of the DNA during the election and I’m excited to be able to keep participating in support of traditional marriage! Great blog theme. I need to get a new one!!!!


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