Faith Ringgold School

Why Are You Teaching GLSEN Curriculum?

Back near the end of October, I posted a link to the story School Holds Surprise Gay Day for Kindergartners. This news article details the homosexual indoctrination at Faith Ringgold School in Hayward, California, disguised as tolerance education. Some gay activists are “calling foul”. Show Me No Hate:commented on this blog saying,This has nothing to do about the promotion of Homosexuality, the gay lifestyle or even sex-ed. This is about tolerance and diversity folks, which the last time I checked my calendar its 2008 and teaching both tolerance and diversity are key elements in a secular American Education System.

Oh really? What have the experts said about the curriculum being taught at Faith Ringgold and other schools like it? See this critical review from Warren Throckmorton, PhD, Gary Welton, PhD, and Mike Ingram. In this 24 page document, the reviewers analyzed the curriculum created by the Gay Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). Here is the summary of their findings:

  1. The curriculum was quite focused on presenting a favorable view of same-sex marriage. No opposing views were offered, nor were any such views included in the handouts or suggested teacher resources for classroom use.
  2. The curriculum frequently suggested the use of coercive methods to persuade students toward a favorable view of same-sex marriage.
  3. The curriculum authors often took liberties with the facts concerning same-sex unions. While much of the content was presented as fact, there were very few references given to support the material presented.
  4. Some very controversial issues and matters of debate within the psychological and medical communities were presented as settled facts.
  5. The curriculum was lengthy and would be quite impractical to implement at any level in a high school program.

The reviewers ended with this statement,

We have documented that the GLSEN curriculum is biased, coercive, inaccurate and misleading on many points and impractical in implementation. For these reasons, we respectfully suggest that school districts not use these materials for classroom instruction. We also feel that the presentation and resources are so biased that they are ineffective as background materials or as a teacher resource.

So my question to Faith Ringgold School – Why are you still teaching GLSEN curriculum?

Go here to read the entire article: Critical Review of the GLSEN Same-Sex “Marriage” Curriculum


2 comments so far

  1. ruby on

    …this is so useful. thank you for providing the link. i need some good reading.

  2. beetlebabee on

    Excellent post. I am continually amazed at the amount of information out there that conflicts with the mantra of the day in the activist community.

    As much as they try to squash the truth, I’m heartened to see the light peeking through on occasion.

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