CRUSHED by the Prop 8 Blacklist

Margie Christoffersen on the brink of a nervous breakdown as El Coyote business down 30%

What started as a $100 donation from a private citizen has grown into one of the ugliest consequences of an already ugly backlash over Proposition 8. The trouble began in the days following the passage of Proposition 8, when gay extremists took revenge on those who donated to the Yes on 8 campaign. Websites popped up like this one listing Proposition 8 donors by name, city of residence, and amount donated. Unfortunately, someone recognized the name of Margie Christoffersen as a manager of El Coyote restaurant in Los Angeles. Although the restaurant never donated to the campaign, gay activists decided to boycott El Coyote as retribution for Christoffersen’s $100 donation. Night after night, gays picketed the restaurant, yelling and harassing patrons. Finally, Margie could take no more. “I’ve almost had a nervous breakdown.” she shared with Steve Lopez of the LA Times. “It’s been the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.” The LA Times article also reported on the sad state of El Coyote. “Sections of the restaurant have been closed. . .Some of the 89 employees, many of them gay, have had their hours cut, and layoffs are looming”

Unlike the Day Without A Gay flop, the Prop 8 blacklist is working! Why, because defenders of traditional marriage have not done enough to prevent it. It’s time for us to stand up for traditional marriage, before the gay extremists take their next victim! What are you willing to do?


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  1. Secular Heretic on

    I hope eventually they get tired of harassing the shop and go and find something else to do.

    Anyone who speaks out against homosexual acts needs to be very careful. Best to keep quiet at your work place. Like what happened to that cop in England.

  2. urbzen on

    Basically what Ms. Christoffersen is saying here is that gay Californians don’t deserve the right to marry, but they *do* deserve the right to spend money at her restaurant?

    No wonder she’s singing a different tune now that SHE’s the one who stands to lose something.

    Read more: Tacos, with a side of bigotry

  3. Gabe Coppinger on

    That donation was an ACT of animosity, bigotry, and in her case, extreme hypocrisy. The woman hires gays and lesbians to manage her restaurant? Thursday nights are gay night?? Are you effing kidding me?? What a HYPOCRITE!

    Why on earth does that author think he can get us to feel sorry for that woman? Here’s a true story worth a little empathy: A couple years ago in OKC I witnessed a woman’s mother successfully win custody of her two children because the mother was able to prove to the court that the daughter was a lesbian and had been living with her lesbian lover for 2 years. (First Baptist Church paid grandma’s lawyer fees.) The lesbian mother’s oldest child, 12, cried himself to sleep every night because he missed his mother so much. The daughter, 8, was convinced by grandma that her own mother was a Godless hell-bound homosexual deviant. After losing custody the lesbian woman, because she loved her children so much, (and was an EXCELLENT mother) left her spouse of more than 2 years in order to prove to the homophobic Oklahoma judge that she was single, living alone, and no longer living a “lesbian lifestyle” and thus win back custody of her 2 children. You know what? I wish I could have saved every tear that family wept, including the lesbian lover, put them all in a big bucket, and THROW it at Margie Christoffersen. I’d like to SOAK that woman in the tears of one of the countless LGBT families who have been and will be affected by Prop 8 and laws like it. I’d like to douse her with so many tears from these broken families that people can’t tell apart her pathetic tears from the ones of the families destroyed by people like her.

    Margie Christoffersen’s donation to prop 8 support was an extremely hateful hypocritical act and if that woman does lose her job because of it, it will be a PERFECT example of the consequences of doing something STUPID and hateful in a free market Democracy.

  4. br on

    It is all set because the western Candian Provinces are seeking separation over valuse such as gay marriage.

  5. californiacrusader on

    Gabe, you’ve gone too far. Obviously, you’re angry, but let’s not start dousing anyone with buckets of tears just because they disagree with your vote on Prop 8. Read the LA Times article – even Fred Karger, the CREATOR of Californians Against Hate doesn’t buy this one – it was a measly $100 PRIVATE donation, but the gay community has punished all employees of El Coyote.

  6. Pearl on

    Bravo, California Crusader! You hit the nail on the head with this one and Gabe’s extremely hateful, emotional reaction is just further evidence of a troubled mindset trying desperately to normalize a troubled sexual orientation. It is never a good thing when children suffer, but if they had never been placed in the care of a disadvantaged union in the first place, this could have been prevented. Personally, I wonder if the grandmother really was teaching her granddaughter that “her own mother was a Godless hell-bound homosexual deviant?” That is quite the accusation. Gabe, I wonder, could you please provide a news link for this story so that readers can read about it without the biased, intimidating rhetoric?

  7. rubyeliot on

    the story gabe brings up is a completely different issue with different considerations. it has nothing to do with whether or not it is okay for a woman to offer a private donation to a cause she believes in.

    i’ll do everything i can to prevent this from happening again. to either side of the issue.

  8. Gabe Coppinger on


    You need a news link?? Are you completely unaware that entire families are being ripped apart all over this country because the parents are gay or lesbian? I stood outside that grandmother’s OKC Baptist church (in the snow) for WEEKS with 30 other members of Oklahoma SoulForce. Guess what? The OKC local news didn’t show up. Oh, we called them. We let them know why we were there and when we’d be there. They didn’t show up because they didn’t WANT Oklahomans to see what we were doing. It didn’t make the news, and we weren’t surprised. Did you know that it is perfectly legal and NORMAL for a judge to take away children from a gay parent in Oklahoma and several other states? In fact, it’s even legal in Oklahoma and many other stats to fire someone just for being gay. That can be the ONLY reason you fire them. “You’re gay?! You’re fired.” There is a large bookstore chain (Mardel) that says, ON THE APPLICATION, “If you are a homosexual, you need not apply. You will not be hired.” And that’s legal, folks. Perfectly, 100% legal. Sorry, I don’t have a news link for you Pearl, but you can look it up if you’re inclined.

    Margie isn’t a victim of proposition 8. She is one of the culprits. She GAVE to that prop 8 campaign of hate. The current protests outside her restaurant are not being conducted to take away Margie’s “free speech” or her right to “vote her conscience.” Lopez was ridiculous to suggest that. Those protests are about holding Margie accountable for her ACTIONS. Giving money to that hateful homophobic campaign was a public act of animosity, bigotry, and in her case, (she hires homosexuals) extreme hypocrisy.

  9. Pearl on

    Wow. Talk about heated rhetoric. I’m bowing out of this one because I think it’s best to just let rantings and ravings run their course until their owners get them out of their systems and regain control of themselves. Rant on, Gabe. Calling the Yes on 8 campaign a “hateful homophobic campaign” shows your extreme intolerance of opinions that differ from your own. And calling Marjorie a “culprit” for peacefully and privately exercising her right to support a cause she believes in, is way off-base.

    “Sorry, I don’t have a news link for you Pearl, but you can look it up if you’re inclined.”

    This is as I assumed it would be: empty accusations, presented with highly emotional drivel, designed to spur readers to wild action and belief by appealing only to their emotional centers rather than reason.

    Each of these cases and incidents you have presented most assuredly has another side of the story that you are not willing to provide out of fear that it will hurt your agenda. Each State in the United States is allowed to create and enforce laws specific to their states so that our nation can truly remain a “government by the people.” This idea was beautifully upheld in a recent court case (Ake v. Wilson) in which two lesbian women sough to have the DOMA ruled unconstitutional. They were unsuccessful and here’s why:

    “The plaintiffs argued that the DOMA exceeds the scope of that clause [Article 4] because Congress may only regulate the effect that a law may have, and may not prevent a law from having any effect. The court disagreed, concluding that the DOMA is ‘exactly what the Framers envisioned when they created the Full faith and Credit Clause.’ Adopting the plaintiffs’ ‘rigid and literal’ interpretation of the clause would ‘create a license for a single State to create National policy.’

  10. Pearl on

    Okay, I realize that wasn’t a very successful bow-out. :0) Clearly Gabe isn’t the only one who needed to get something out of his system. :0)

  11. Rick on

    Obviously the next time around money will still be donated in defense of traditional marriage. Except there should be a few changes to protect the innocent like Margie. First off you can donate $99 and remain anonymous, I think that is the rule. Second, people like me and my friends can step up and donate more to cover for those who may be a target. Third, many more Utahns could donate because the environment is more conducive to the support of marriage and a situation like Margie’s unlikely.

    Picking on a woman is about as cowardly as it gets.

  12. Heather on

    I don’t understand how Margie is a hypocrite. So she donated money to support a cause she thought was justified.

    And yes, she hired gays/lesbian people because guess what, she isn’t the bigot and hater that people think she is. That fact alone shows that she has compassion and love for all people.

    The gay and lesbian community needs to stop being the victim and realize that you can be loved as a person while not having your behavior condoned… which is what Margie did.

  13. Kevin on

    If someone donated a measly $100 to the KKK to take away basic rights from african americans I would definitely boycott that persons business. especially if it is a business that makes most of its money from the african american community. As americans we have the right to give to whatever causes we please…we also have a right not to patronize those establishments that supports causes that threaten our basic way of life. Her donation may not have been much but she knowingly chose to back a measure with money that took rights away from many of the same people she has called friends for many years. That is the ultimate in betrayal. It’s a wound that will take many years to recover from even after this fight is over.

  14. Kevin on

    Heather that’s like saying you love black people and then donating money to the KKK. Get real ok

  15. Dead Seriously on

    I wrote a lengthy article about the blacklisting of Prop 8 donors and the use of analogies in a recent USAToday article. I’d appreciate any feedback you can give.

  16. Juan on

    If you think boycotts were pioneered by the Prop 8 opponents, you need to check this link. The RR has been boycotting companies that promote their product in Gay magazines for years. Talk about the pot and kettle…

    “The AFA encouraged its members to call Swanson and urge them to “remain neutral in the culture war.” If previous altercations are any guide, the AFA may next threaten to boycott Campbell Soup. From 2006-2008, the AFA organized a boycott of Ford, which it accused of condoning homosexuality in ads and supporting organizations that want to legalize gay marriage.”

  17. The DNA Directory : Rickety on

    […] and began with Beetle Blogger and commented about same-sex marriage not being a natural right. California Crusader for Traditional Marriage and Does My Vote Really Count? were next. Then I went to Pearl Diver and Preserving Marriage where […]

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