Who’s side are you on, Jerry?

Proposition 8 Lawsuit Update

See this from Pearl Diver for some recent developments on the lawsuits to invalidate Proposition 8. According to the LA Times, the Supreme Court justices have indicated they will hear arguments in the case as early as March, with a ruling expected later in the spring. If you don’t think it’s ugly now, just wait. Our gay activist friends are already preparing.

Take a Stand for Traditional Marriage!

So, what can you do to defend traditional marriage? You’re just one person, just one voice – right? WRONG! Here’s an easy way to both stay updated on the current issues and do your part as a member of the online community. Join your voice to those of the Digital Network Army This is a small but rapidly growing group of online defenders of traditional marriage. By joining, you will receive a daily email assignment from the DNA Team Captain, then the rest is up to you – blog, comment online, or just speak to family and friends about the topic. One voice can not do much – but hundreds of voices, united, can move mountains! So don’t just sit there, JOIN!


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