Campbell’s Soup Promotes Gay Agenda

Mmm, mmm, not so good. . .

Read here from the Pomegranate Apple about another company succumbing to pressure from gay activists:

Campbell’s Soup Promotes Gay Agenda

Sad, isn’t it?


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  1. Heather on

    So sad. Why do companies think they need to support same sex marriage? And for that matter, why do companies think they need to get involved in any moral issues? Campbell’s needs to stick to what they do best – making soup.

  2. Scott on

    Oh my God, gay people are eating SOUP! The humanity!

  3. a. mcewen on

    So any ad in any gay magazine is somehow pushing forth the “gay agenda.”

    Also, seeing the behavior of so-called Christians against Campbell Soup, I think they should no longer attack lgbts for protesting the Proposition 8 vote.

    To do so would be the height of hypocrisy.

  4. California Crusader on


    Advertising in a gay magazine does not automatically qualify as supporting the gay agenda. But this Campbell’s ad does more. It shows a lesbian couple and a child, and states, “This holiday season serve a special meal no matter the size and structure of your family.” Why put that line in the ad unless Campbell’s wanted to express their support of the gay agenda? Why not just say, “This holiday season, serve a special meal with Campbell’s”

    And remember, we are writing letters. We are not yelling profanities, vandalizing, etc. (Remember El Coyote and the Mormon temple?) Quite a difference, wouldn’t you say?

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