Bisexual Marriage?

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The Slippery Slope of Gay Marriage

Please read this excerpt from a Mona Charen article in National Review Online. In defending Rick Warren and traditional marriage, she shares some great insights about the consequences of approving gay marriage:

But consider the name that many gay activists have adopted. You no longer see gay and lesbian alone. Instead, the new terminology is LGBT — lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. Lesbians and gays say that without gay marriage, they cannot fully express themselves as they really are. But what about bisexuals? I ask this not to poke fun or to hurt anyone’s feelings, but in all seriousness. How does gay marriage help a bisexual? I assume that if you are bisexual, you believe that you need to have sexual relationships with both men and women. If you are a bisexual man married to a woman, don’t you need to break the marriage bond to express your bisexuality? If you choose to express just the homosexual side of your bisexuality, then aren’t you gay? Likewise, if you choose to express only the heterosexual side, how are you a bisexual? Why is bisexuality not a recipe for infidelity?

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  1. criticned on

    call me from old school, retarded or whatever…marriage is between men and women is a sacred relationship….all other variations are not part of the marriage institutions…you can call them turn-ons, fantasies, sexual behavior…everyone is free to have his wet dream, but marriage and family is different issue…so I believe we have to call things by its names…sorry if I have offended anyone but stay away of the core of society…

  2. Pearl on

    Wow, she asks some very interesting questions. I don’t believe the GLBT community can possibly offer any answers that would mollify the very real concerns society has about legalizing same-sex marriage and embracing homosexuality.

  3. Secular Heretic on

    Marriage means, between a man and a women. Anything else is not a marriage.

    These people have a disorder and need help. Instead of having the state encourage the “gay agenda” perhaps they should be encouraging these people to get help and remain celibate until they are cured and then can peruse a heterosexual marriage.

  4. Rick on

    An interesting quote in the article was: “Once you abandon the traditional definition of marriage to suit the feelings on an interest group, by what principle do you stop redefining marriage? Gays and lesbians argue that their same-sex unions are loving, committed relationships. Fine. But there are, or could be, other loving, committed relationships involving more than two people. Supporters of gay marriage say this is a ridiculous slippery slope argument.” As mentioned, two of the other possible loving relationships are “a brother marrying a sister or an adult marrying a child.” Not surprisingly, society adopted a clear standard centuries ago. These issues are not new.

  5. beetlebabee on

    Once you open that door, all kinds of things can walk through it. Not only that, but the opportunity for silencing those who oppose such open views grows as well as we saw in the Arizona lawyer mess. The AZ Bar Association wants to prohibit any lawyer who believes homosexuality is wrong from being able to act on that belief. It’s a complete 180 from what the founding fathers envisioned:

  6. Nick Orvis on

    The massive problem with the article you quote is that the author doesn’t understand bisexuality…it has nothing to do with polyamory. It’s not a case of “if you are bisexual, you believe that you need to have sexual relationships with both men and women.” It’s more an either/or thing. I have a couple of friends who are bi, and they have never been interested in more than one person at a time.

  7. journalista chronicle on

    This article just reiterates the notion that there will not be any fidelity in homosexual marriages, nor in any LGBT….whatever it is, “unions” either.

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