More Prop 8 Vandalism!

Catholic Church in Castro District Targeted by Vandals

KGO television in San Francisco reported yesterday about another backlash to the passage of Proposition 8. Most Holy Redeemer Church was vandalized with swastikas and messages such as “Prop H8” and “Where is the Love?”

Kind of ironic, wouldn’t you say, from those destroying property?

See more details from KGO here and here.

And, for some insightful commentary about the vandalism from a pro-marriage Catholic priest, read Father John Malloy’s post here.


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  1. Secular Heretic on

    Father John gave an excellent introduction to what is going on in this feral parish.

    Vandalism doesn’t help anyones cause. It’s kind of like divine justice for going down the wrong path.

  2. leftcoastvoter on

    I can’t stop laughing now. Al Gayda targeted their own supporters? All we need now is to wake up and hear the news say that Gavin Newsom was attacked by Gay Supporters while attending Gay Wedding. Keep it up, Al Gayda, you are our best publicity!

  3. Pearl on

    It really is ridiculous. First they turn on Obama for choosing Warren to say a prayer. Then they turn on their own supporters for belonging to a church they hate for its stand against same-sex marriage. I see two things going on here. First, they really do have zero tolerance for anyone who disagrees with their lifestyle AND anyone who has any affiliation with someone who disagrees with their lifestyle (i.e. two cases above). Second, they loath religion and will attack in expression of that hatred no matter who it hurts (i.e. their own supporters). This is truly scary, folks. It’s a homosexual dictatorship, “Obey, accept, and above all, do not disagree…or else….”

  4. FullWithFaith on

    Apparently Mormon missionaries have a well documented history of defacing and vandalizing Catholic Church property, as well.

  5. californiacrusader on

    I’m not sure I understand the point of your comment – are you attempting to justify the vandalism?

  6. leftcoastvoter on

    What’s the point, FWF? That it is OK to vandalize? Is it OK that the Gays vandalized? Or is this just another attempt to vilify the Mormon church?

  7. Pearl on


    I find it humorous that this one incident you point to is, in your mind, “a well documented history.”

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