New England Gay Marriage By 2012!

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Gay Marriage Battle Moves to Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and New York

Embolden by the legalization of gay marriage in Massachusetts and Connecticut, gay activists are organizing a calculated attack on marriage in the rest of New England. The Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) has declared their intention to ensure “that same-sex couples in all six New England states will be able to marry in their home state by 2012.” In neighboring New York, Senator Ruben Diaz has come under attack for fighting attempts to bring a gay marriage bill to the state senate. Read these posts from Religion and Morality and Kingfisher for more details.

VT, ME, & NH Look to Join MA and CT as the Only States to Legalize Gay Marriage

New York Gay Marriage Debate: Ruben Diaz Under Pressure


5 comments so far

  1. journalista chronicle on

    Thanks for the info. I hope that concerned citizens stand up and fight and get involved on the East Coast just like we did in California. I think that the left was surprised that Prop 8 passed, so I hope the same thing happens there.

  2. Euripides on

    More fights in the East. I’ll be gearing up for combat….

  3. Secular Heretic on

    I hope it all goes well. We can’t have terrorists destroying the meaning of marriage.

  4. johnbisceglia on

    Here’s the PROBLEM America is creating as it ALLOWS the tyranny of a majority to rule – One of these days, some LGBT person who has lost a child, home, spouse, pension, and/or job to federal inequality will put a bullet through the heads of people like Huckabee, Warren, etc., and others who are obsessed with influencing “civil” law so it PERMANENTLY EXCLUDES our families from the same governmental protections ALL Americans deem essential (would the protections exist if they weren’t essential…..for the heterosexuals?).

    ALL of the above horrors HAVE ALREADY HAPPENED to many families and their CHILDREN due to marriage inequality alone.

    Why isn’t this HATE against our family seen as the VIOLENCE that it really is?
    [equality tax revolt]

  5. Participant on

    Whoa…calling someone who wants to marry the love of their life is a terrorist? That’s a pretty bold statement. What about someone who wants to have the right to visit their partner who is dying in a hospital. Yup…I thought of a terrorist right away too.
    To Euripides – I’ll be gearing up for the fight too! Except I have a hunch you and I might be fighting different battles.
    One day you will have to explain to your grandchildren that you fought against their right to marry whomever they wanted, regardless of orientation. I imagine it will be a lot like the conversation I had with my grandparents when I found out they protested against school de-segregation. Nope…not that close with them anymore.

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