President Obama’s Goals for the LBGT Community

Barack Obama’s New Civil Rights Agenda Seeks to Redefine Traditional Marriage

Did you watch the inauguration today on television? I sure did, and I have to say, Barack Obama is quite the charismatic speaker, if nothing else. Yes, we can? I sure hope so, when it comes to the fiscal crisis our nation faces. But, when it comes to Obama’s civil rights agenda, no, I hope we can’t. I hope we won’t.

Following are a few of the goals from President Obama’s Civil Rights Agenda:
1. Oppose a Constitutional Ban on Same-Sex Marriage
2. Expand Adoption Rights for all couples, regardless of sexual orientation
3. Repeal the Defense of Marriage Act

Well, President, I see we’re in for a long four years. Because, you see, this has never been, will never be, a civil rights issue. You’re attempting to redefine marriage, and that’s not o.k. with me.

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6 comments so far

  1. Euripides on

    Here’s hoping that Obama’s ideas on the restructuring of morals in this country will be stopped at every turn.

  2. Pearl on

    Pretty words, empty rhetoric. Great oration aside, the man promotes policies and practices that will make our founding fathers turn over in their graves!

  3. Emissary on

    Some leaders seem to feel that they know better than most people how the world should be run. They feel that it is their duty to make life conform to their ideals, rather than to stand as a representative of the people. The people of the United States do not want gay marriage. And we feel that each child deserves the chance to live in a home with a father and a mother.

  4. journalista chronicle on

    It seems like the Obama spell has fallen on a lot of usually intelligent people, but there is something eerie about him. He has actually convinced people that his idea of “change” is good. I’m glad I’m not one of the people with wool over my eyes. I’m wide awake, and my friends, family and I won’t tolerate his plan to further destroy whatever morality is left in this country. Whatever destruction he could do to the economy would never compare to the destruction his “civil rights” plan will bring. Whatever repairs he brings to the economy will never compensate for his policies to destroy marriage and families.

  5. mighty aphrodite on

    How refreshing — A non-Obot teacher!!!! My mom was a teacher who REFUSED to do away with phonics. Everyday, this wonderful, compassionate mom/teacher told her 1st and 2nd grade students to open their “Whole language” books….and then she instructed them to close “those books” and put them away…..she then continued with her phonics instructions.

    I am glad my mom is not here to see the teachers union financially support the societal upheaval of same-sex “marriage”. (Isn’t it ironic that a segment of society who determined in the past that they did not have to conform to societal norms want to change those norms to accommodate themselves?)

  6. Super on

    Gay marriage, adoption and all rights WILL be won.
    Just watch and see!!
    hahahahahahaha to all you idiots living in the stone age, stay there with your bigotry and hate.

    I will now quite many a famous bigot by saying: If you dont like America, THEN LEAVE!!!

    Our day has arrived, down with the oppressive Bush doctrine and UP with Fully inclusive EQUAL rights for ALL!!

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