NBC Refuses to Air Pro-Life SuperBowl Ad

Broadcasters Not Interested in “Political Advocacy”

Read this just in from Earth Times. As you watch the Superbowl, count how many ads you view that use inappropriate language or innuendos to sell products (think beer commercials). Then, watch this life-affirming ad from CatholicVote.com that NBC deemed too objectionable to run.

This isn’t surprising, but it sure is disappointing.


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  1. Hank on

    This is a mean-spirited ad, under-handed, tasteless and nauseating. It’s particularly ugly because it drags an innocent dead woman (President Obama’s mother) into the fray and suggests a LIE, that she “made a choice,” when it may have never entered her mind to not have her baby. What a horrible thing to imply about someone’s mother! Even someone as hated by the Religious Right as our president. His poor mother isn’t alive to defend herself against this hateful ad. I applaud NBC for its decision to not broadcast such a smear against the memory of the president’s mother.

    It’s little wonder that so few Americans are “voting their consciences” when the “pro-life” movement appears not to have one of its own.

    And, for those “pro-lifers” without consciences who are bitterly disappointed that this smear will not be televised during the Super Bowl, don’t lose hope. The best is yet to come. There’s always the possibility of broadcasting this scum on Mother’s Day.

  2. journalista chronicle on


    I think they are just making a point about a pregnancy in general; that mother’s can make a choice. And out of all of the children who are aborted, we will never know what kind of people they might grow up to be, or what they could have contributed to society. I don’t think they are purposely targeting Obama’s mother or meaning any disrespect. I don’t happen to like Obama, so I could really care less, but I think it’s actually a really good ad.

    I am surprised that liberal NBC didn’t let it air, being that Obama is in it.

  3. Greg on

    I like this add. I do believe that that woman should have a choice, and that we should help them make the choice of life. We should give them assistance in raising the child, give aid to save a relationship, and provide nutrition and education so that this life is not wasted.(I read too much into this add I think). I liked the way the ad tries to convince you to make the choice of life, but I also know that it may not always be the best choice, and we must have a choice. We should have the right to choose what happens to our bodies, and to our network (if we are in a position to have one). ergo, NBC should be able to choose what it airs on its network.

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