Field Trip to a Bisexual Marriage?

Bisexual Teacher Invites Class to Commitment Ceremony

Read this post from the New York Times about Chance Nalley, a bisexual teacher at Columbia Secondary School in New York. After being questioned by students, he agreed to invite his seventh graders to a commitment ceremony with another man. Now, if he is truly bisexual, how committed does he plan to be? Kind of confusing for middle schoolers, wouldn’t you say?

My other frustration is that the students were only aware of Nalley’s sexual orientation because the principal encouraged this disclosure. According to the New York Times article, Columbia Secondary’s mission statement includes a commitment to diversity (more than half the students are black or Hispanic, 45 percent qualify for free or reduced-price lunches). With his principal’s support, Mr. Nalley, who started at the school when it opened in 2007, felt comfortable coming out to students during a diversity workshop that fall.

I’m sorry, but I don’t consider it diversity awareness to teach students that bisexuality is normal.

Read the complete New York Times article here and a summary from One News Now here.


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  1. Secular Heretic on

    This guy is sexually confused. Instead of celebrating his confusion he should be getting some help for it.

  2. Pearl on

    The craziest thing is that he encourages students to confide in him to “come out” themselves. This year, six students have come out! Six! Do you really think that is a normal percentage for a single classroom, or might their teacher’s orientation and “openness” have something to do with this unprecedented occurrence? Logic favors the latter and so another of the “six consequences” is supported.

  3. sweeteye on

    Lincon said all people have the right to love somebody, included LGBT. Now I can speak out loudly “hi everyone, I’m a bisexual. I love the world.” without any hesitation. No matter we are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, our heart is full of love. And we also hope to have life-long love” said by one of my bisexual friends met at the bisexual club on heart blog. Most of us like-minded people are deeply moved by her honest words. Thanks for making us accepted by others. We are really proud of us. Join 10000000000% free. happy life is up to you.

  4. beetlebabee on

    Woah, six! Talk about inappropriate influencing. That is not healthy at all. Homeschool anyone? Because if you’re not up to homeschooling, you’d better be AT your schools every day, going to those PTA meetings and seeing what’s going on in your school. Finding out about it the day after is too late.

  5. rubyeliot on

    thanks for the post. the story is really disturbing and confusing. for the kids.

  6. SandyLee on

    Kids naturally follow adult leads. I see an explosion coming and not sure what the outcome will be. I do believe there will soon be an “all out effort” from concerned parents to remove kids from elementary schools as they turn to homeschooling for relief. Parents love the world, but they love their kids more. Instead of paying for daycare, they’ll be searching for teachers. No more “Halp wanted babysitter”, the ads will read “Help wanted homeschooler”!

  7. Greg on

    If you are a heterosexual, how faithful do we expect you to be? Especially since the track record for relationships of this type have not been very good.

    And it is true that kids will naturally follow an adult’s lead, so I believe we should be loving individuals who treat others with respect. I also believe that kids follow their parents lead first, and we do not need to be afraid of others with different points of view, even if we think they are going to hell for them. It is not really our place to judge. It say so in some book some where…

  8. Super on

    What I am most afraid of, is not the 6 students who finally felt SAFE enough to come out to an adult they respect, I am afraid of the people who think homosexuality can be taught!

  9. Participant on

    Which school is that? I want to send my kids there! That’s amazing that my kids would be taught about different ways of life. What great conversation that will start within my own home.
    A bi-sexual person is not confused. They just don’t use gender as the basis for falling in love…they look at the person on the inside (and no…gender is not something that it inside…it is taught…just look down the Barbie at the ToysRUs aisle) and see their values and principles. It’s actually exactly what I want my children to do someday.

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