Gay and Lesbian Day of Silence

This post was written a year ago to discuss the 2009 Day of Silence.
Click here for info on Day of Silence 2010.

Coming soon to a school near you – students refusing to speak for a day, and teachers encouraging it! If it sounds too ridiculous to be true, then you don’t know the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network. On April 17th, GLSEN is encouraging middle schoolers and high schoolers to stay silent to bring attention to “anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in schools.” If it sounds innocuous to you, then you are unfamiliar with the GLSEN’s tactics and curriculum. (See my earlier post about one of their lessons here.) The goal, make no mistake about it, is to silence those who oppose homosexuality on moral grounds.

And, trying to strengthen their clout, activists have proposed Congressional Resolution 92, which would, according to Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute, request “that the president issue a proclamation calling on the people of the United States to observe the National Day of Silence with appropriate ceremonies, programs, and activities.”

Read this excellent post on Gene’s Blog for more information, and this post from One News Now about Congressional Resolution 92. Then call your representative and urge him/her to vote NO!


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  1. ahrcanum on

    vomit. At least those of us w parochial school children will be off for the week following Easter. As for a day of silence – that is hilarious when so many Gays and Lesbians are SHOUTING out their lifestyle.

  2. Secular Heretic on

    Perhaps the school should also have a day of silence in support of marriage as between one man and one woman.

  3. Participant on

    To Ahrcanum – while some are vocal about their lifestyle, we as heterosexuals in traditional marriages have the luxery of talking freely about our lifestyle too. Perhaps to those in the GBLT community, it seems WE are SHOUTING about our lifestyle too. Perhaps the shoe looks different on the other foot. Furthermore, so many people feel that they CANNOT speak out, that they are silenced by people that will harass and treat them differently for their ideology. I participated in the Day of Silent, and has so many individuals thank me for supporting them. It was really great, and I am glad I did it.
    To Secular Heretic – this reminds me of the idea that got circulate “if they can have a black history month, why can’t we have a white history month.” Forgive me for getting a little abstract here, but I am sure you can stick with. As heterosexuals, we are the norm…we are the majority…just as white people in American have the majority (at least the social majority). Therefore, we don’t have to worry about our way of life being threatened. However, those in the GLBT community do have to worry…they are marginalized…they are the “other.” As subjects we have the luxury of being at the top. I have a hunch that there is so much resistance to the GLBT community, is because as “subjects” we are threatened that our majority will go away. Just a hunch (but like all of our opinions…we all think we are right, don’t we).
    I am not threatened in the least by the GLBT community, in fact I think we as a human race will be strengthened by their inputs and perspectives. We have nothing to FEAR.

    One last thought – let’s not complain about a silent protest. Isn’t that what we learned from Martin Luther King? If there is something you don’t like, we ALL have the right to voice that opinion (just like you have the right to voice your opinion against the GLBT community’s hope). Once the protests get VIOLENT and DANGEROUS should we be worried and speaking out against HOW protests happen. For now, lets just embrace that we have the ability to protest at all!

  4. Berlet98 on

    I rarely disobey my bride of 41 years.

    Well, that’s not actually true since I don’t feel I have to obey her, nor she me. Like the newspaper comic strip, “Pickles,” we have achieved a detente of sorts, meaning I do what I want and she does likewise.

    She did request that I cease and desist with articles about our gay brethren since they were getting redundant and because homosexuals tend to misinterpret undue attention as subliminal interest in their activities and lifestyle. When that attention is invariably of a very negative cast, that’s as logical as interpreting attention paid to alien life forms suggesting innate desires to relocate to Uranus. Yet they persist.

    Thing is, in the last year or so especially, homosexuals have shown they haven’t given up or let up in their various campaigns. To avoid referencing what they’re up to implies, to them, a craven cowardice which only encourages them to pursue their strategy of intimidating heterosexuals in order to achieve their goals of not just acceptance but endorsement and all that such acceptance and endorsement entails.

    Rather than reiterate my views on their multi-faceted campaign of intimidation, their strategies, and goals, I suggest readers of this article type in “homosexuals” and/or “gays” on my website’s “Search” box to avail themselves of my dozens of well-researched, fully-documented, and brilliantly-written opinions on this topic.

    Warning: Many of those articles are not for the faint of heart nor do they cater to that element in our society which adheres to the credo of “live and let live.” That philosophy would be fine and dandy with an adversary–and the Gay Lobby has indeed evolved into a potent and unrelenting adversary– which is capable of compromise and rational discussion. However, the Gay Lobby is fixated on a total, take no prisoners, victory.

    If gays take any offense at that observation or to the content of those articles, then so be it. They should be advised that I take great offense to their agenda.

    Some homosexuals get almost as turned on by the cowering of the straight majority as they do by teabagging, which is not a reference to the tea party tax protests of April 15th. No sane males would engage in the aberrant behavior which so attracts gays any more than they would encourage copulation between gays and orangutans. Gerbils seem to be their preferred partners, anyway.

    Nevertheless, gays must be commended for their persistance as evidenced by their recent court and legislative victories permitting gay marriage despite overwhelming public opposition to that debasement of the institution of marriage.

    Further testimony to their doggedness in pursuit of recruits from the ranks of school kids–something they deny vociferously–was last month’s outrageous “Day of Silence” staged in many of America’s schools.

    Without needlessly elaborating on that now-annual event, suffice to say it involves a day promoted by many schools and dedicated to homosexual indoctrination as students are expected to sheepishly listen and learn about the wonders of being gay while being prohibited from commenting or protesting with objections.

    The stated purpose of “Day of Silence” programs is to abolish bullying of homosexual students, which I would wholly endorse–if that were all the day entailed. See “Day of Silence”–”Day of Gay Seduction,”

    As I said, grudgingly to their credit, the new breed of homosexuals never gives up. Even a year ago I would have bet all I own that their chances of ultimate success didn’t have a chance in Hell but now I’m not so certain. They seem to have the bulk of the liberal mass media, virtually the entirety of the entertainment world, and an indeterminate but significant number of national and state legislators, and now the President of the United States, in their camp.

    See here for a very favorable lesbian take on Obama’s pro-homosexual positions:

    Not able to read minds, I can’t unequivocally delineate the motivations of gay advocates among the media and politicians although a reasonable surmise is that many closely identify with the gay agenda and, with politicos, also want their votes.

    Absent a crystal ball as well as functioning powers of telepathy, I’m unable to predict the future with a great degree of accuracy. However, as of May, 2009, all indicators are pointing to an eventual, possibly imminent, smashing victory for the homosexual agenda and a crushing defeat for the forces of tradition, morality, and common sense.

    Residents and churchgoers in downtown Boston can attest to the bitter scent of defeat in the air. Last Tuesday, they were harrassed by a phalanx of 30 extremely noisy gay protestors outside the Park Street Church and in an adjacent Revolutionary War graveyard in which American patriots such as Sam Adams are buried.

    Chanting, screaming, and terrorizing the people in the church, the homosexuals distributed pamphlets saying “Jesus was gay!” and generally disgraced themselves and their movement, as well as violating various laws, which Boston police refused to enforce.

    Apparently accustomed to disgrace and apparently immune from arrest and prosecution, they carried on as if they were accustomed to disgrace and immune from arrest and prosecution.

    See the video of their brazen disruption of a church event, with some gay protestors in drag and some with bullhorns, here:

    Their complaint? . . .
    (Read the rest at

  5. Berlet98 on

    With economic conditions in the nation being what they are, as Somali pirates stalk the high seas, as China threatens to pull the rug out from under our credit markets, as Islamic terrorists continue to plot yet another 9/11, America’s Congress has more important things on its mind: legalizing “philias.”

    For the uninitiated, “philias” refers to every perversion known to mankind, including necrophilia and the very popular, internet favorite, pedophilia. Along with some 545 other “paraphilias,” the Senate of the United States is considering incorporating pedophilia in a new “hate crimes” bill:

    Presumably, gerbilphiliacs would be afforded the most protection under that bill since it passed in the House of Representatives where doe-eyed Rep. Barney Frank rules supreme over wild-eyed Speaker Pelosi when it comes to matters of bestiality and other perversions.

    The bill would effectively create a safe zone for perverts, violation of which would result in more severe penalties for any parent whose child had been raped who subsequently shreds the rapist and scatters his remains in a dung heap. Should such parent in the commission of said “hate crime” utter totally unacceptably negative words, such as, “You sick, perverted bastard!” his punishment by our federal authorities could be consignment to a prison in or near Barney Frank’s congressional district.

    Initially, I thought this was just another urban legend. No way, thought I, naive I, could or would America’s ostensible leaders even contemplate such legislation. Then again, not being an Obamian, I must have forgotten that our new presidente preached change and voters bought into that change without Obama’s ever defining the specifics of his change.

    I wonder how many of his supporters even contemplated changes that would alter the fabric of the nation’s moral core until it became a twisted mass. I suspect many did understand the changes Obama and his Congress had in store for us. I fear the mass of Obama supporters had no clue and, if not today, then not in the too distant future, will deeply regret their choice.

    Then it may be too late and the damage may have already been done. The House bill was rammed though the House and passed by a vote of 249-175:( It now remains for the Senate to vote yea or nay on whether to endorse this call for congressional approbation of perversion.

    Before anyone retches at the above and deems this writer a male Cassandra prophesying impending and unavoidable doom, consider more specifics of the Democrat hate crime/pervert-protection bill:

    One courageous Iowa congressman, Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, offered an amendment in committee that was very simple: “The term sexual orientation as used in this act or any amendments to this act does not include pedophilia.” Majority Democrats refused to accept it.

    Hold onto your hats, people, and hold onto your kids. The Obama-Barney Frank changes are in process. Those of us who believe in morality and normality are under attack. One, perhaps the final hope on this front, is to speak up and tell your senators what you think about all this and do your bit for what you believe and for what you consider intellectually and morally repulsive.

    Contact info is here:

    If you object to officially-sanctioned perversion and neglect to do anything about it then you are complicit in that perversion.

    Try explaining that to your kids in a few years. Decide very soon if these are the changes you can believe in.

  6. Blue on

    Yes, the people in the majority that always seems to have its way are the persecuted group having its rights stripped, not the small minority that is only trying to have everyone be fair. Complaining about just giving these people this one day a year is like being a frist-born child crying over the fact that s/he is not getting as much attention now that a new baby has come along. You’re not having all of your power usurped, so stop your belly-aching.

    Also, you notice the living-out-loud minority more than the normal, “undetectable” majority for two reasons:
    1. They conform to the stereotype you so willfully believe and likely propagate in your community, and
    2. In order to be heard, you have to be vocal, just like how the stereotype of Christians and conservatives is that they all hate on gays, when those are only the vocal minority, and the reality is that many don’t mind gays with the possible exception of using the term marriage. (Marriage wouldn’t even be a problem if the US did what countries in Europe have done and changed civil unions to the governmentally granted/accepted status through which all benefits and rights are ranted, and marriagew used solely in a religious context.)

    To reiterate, stop projecting on othera that they are persecuting you, when in fact you are the one doing the persecuting.

  7. Blue on

    Oh, and by the way, how is constantly seeing Easter decorations up and hearing “Jesus this, Jesus that,” the entire month and a half before Easter NOT having someone religion “flaunted” at you?

  8. Berlet98 on

    Borat Versus Baron or, Crossing the Long Gay Line

    (Second in a series in recognition of New York City’s “Gay Pride Week”)

    You really shouldn’t upset homosexuals. They tend to cry and try to hit their upsetters with their beaded purses stuffed with their sex toys or strangle them with their feather boas or slash them with their bangles, and that can sting!

    Sacha Baron Cohen has their panties all in a twist with his new flick, Bruno, which incidentally is the name of my daughter’s dog.

    Borat, Cohen’s previous entry into the world of grossly offensive movie comedy, was just fine and dandy with the gay community and met with their approval with its overt anti-American depictions of blue- and white-collar people, as well as virtually every other entity on the planet.

    The outrageousness of the sexist, racist, anti-Semitic, anti-American, anti-Islamic Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan lay in its all-encompassing satirical abuse. Although almost all Arab countries banned it, no single group carried on and protested with anywhere near the vehemence of homosexuals protesting Baron.

    But, dare to satirize gay boys and their nails come out, their hypocrisy is exposed, and they begin wielding their chains and those deadly purses. Not that they would ever succeed in utilizing them as weapons. A simple, “BOO!” would send them scattering back into their closets or back to the arms of their boyfriends who would console them with sweet nothings.

    However, like MacArthur, they would soon return with blazing purses, chains, and boas after their initial perturbations and soothing and after gathering the protection of their pink armies. We are the future, they believe, and Bruno’s audacity in ridiculing them and their “lifestyle” will not be tolerated. Everyone else may be abused but not us!

    There was Something About Mary and there is something about Bruno and they’re way different somethings, especially to swishers. (With apologies to Nick Swisher of the New York Yankees who seems anything but a gay swisher.)

    The essential problem with the yet-to-be released Bruno is that it’s “a mockery” of homosexuals and that it’s “problematic” to gays, according to a Fox News Report.

    That report goes on to say, “The only ‘ethnic’ group safe to poke fun at seeming to be straight, white, 30-something males. . . [White males] are the target where no one will ever cry foul if you laugh at them. It’s only when we get into other minority groups that there’s a line there.”

    “I can call my sister a tramp — but you can’t,” says one gay,. . .
    Read the rest at

  9. Tony on

    I’m familiar with the day of silence. I’ve even helped direct one before. I think it should be about non hate speech and being tolerant of those who for whatever reason come out as gay, but it should not single out those who are against gay marriage and feel that homosexual activity is a sin. If the day of silence seems to condone such activity as ok, then yes, people definitely have the right to oppose it. If it is simply trying to make a more tolerant environment with less hate speech by making a point through not speaking for a day, I personally see no harm in it. If it starts to push a political/moral agenda, then yes, I would support those who would be against such.

  10. Berlet98 on

    Tony, the WHOLE gay movement is about a “a political/moral agenda!” Get serious!
    See my 10 part series on “Homosexuals in America.”

  11. Tony on

    Yes, those who are participating in the Movement are seeking a political/moral agenda.

    I am simply thinking of those who do not seek any of that, but simply want to see an end to hate speech and more tolerance in that respect, while still allowing people to voice their opinions and make their beliefs clear.

    GLSEN and the day of silence are most likely not the way to go. I can agree with you on that. But I do feel that there needs to be some work towards at least letting people voice their feelings without imposing on the rights of others, parents, students, etc. We need to make safer and more tolerant schools, but that does not mean we need to spread the glbt agenda and teach that it’s perfectly alright or normal to have homosexual relations. That is when the parents need to get involved, and that is when we are stepping onto this moral/religious/political battlefield.

    Unfortunately, with the secularization of America comes the secularization of schools, and it’s surely not as easy as it might have been before.

  12. J.P. on

    Could we ask them to extend that day of silence for them into a year?

  13. californiacrusader on

    Wouldn’t that be nice!

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