NEA Supports Same Sex Marriage

One News Now is reporting that yesterday, the National Education Association passed a resolution supporting same-sex marriage at its annual convention. Isn’t it beautiful, to once again see my union dues being used to support something I’m morally opposed to? Got to love those liberal union leaders.

For a good discussion between educators about the wisdom of the NEA supporting non-curricular issues, go here.


2 comments so far

  1. Euripides on

    Yet another reason to home school. What is it with teachers trying to pass off this crap?

  2. beetlebabee on

    The NEA doesn’t represent teachers. Teachers are just the suckers that have to pay for their exploits. The NEA is a rogue entity with no fiscal responsibility to its members.

    If I were a teacher, I’d be working to root out the corruption in my union that turns something with the potential to do good into a power hungry political machine.

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