The New Challenge to Proposition 8

For those who have taken a break from marriage news, Proposition 8 is again in the courts. The trial of Perry v. Schwarzenegger began in a San Francisco federal courtroom on January 11th. This lawsuit was brought about by two gay couples who were refused a marriage license in May 2009, one in Alameda County, one in Los Angeles County. Two well-known attorneys from the 2000 Bush v. Gore case, Theodore Olsen and David Boies, are representing the plaintiffs. The defendants are being represented by a group assembled by the Yes on 8 team, led by Charles Cooper and Andy Pugno.

Now in its third week, the trial has had many interesting twists and turns. For full details, see Andy Pugno’s blog at the Yes on 8 Home Page


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  1. Anonymous on

    The real issue is not just gay marriage but the concept of moral absolutes that are not subject to man’s opinion and have been laid down by God for our benifit and happiness.In other words we llive in a moraly ordered universe that has attached to it commandments and laws that include relations between the sexes. once we come to an understanding of these laws we have a moral duty to obey them and a civic responsibility to promote these divinely inspired commandments.
    The moral precepts that God has given to us are not to be the subject of debate,for there is no room for that.His laws are eternal.Obediance leads to life and happiness and disobediance leads to unhappiness and misery to be visited upon a person or nation that refuses all pleads by the Holy Spirit to repent while there is yet time.
    Our nation is at a crossroads that will determine its fate.Our country will have to choose which path to follow.It is time for us to speak up and let our representatives know that we are sick of our nation becoming a moral dung heap where every evil and unholy practice is given a standing ovation while virtue and traditional marriage is scoffed at by evil men and women who willfully spit on every decent virtue and shake their fist at God Himself to their utter destruction in the days to come.May God help us to rise up and confront this filthy attack on the family as God has defined it.

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