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Gay and Lesbian Day of Silence 2010

Here we go again! For those of you not privileged to be acquainted with the annual event, let me give you some details about the Gay and Lesbian Day of Silence for 2010. Our friends at the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) have chosen April 16, 2010 as a day to raise awareness about the problem of harassment towards gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender individuals. The short story is that students nationwide are encouraged to remain silent during the school day, and this somehow is supposed to help other students stop bullying.

As an educator, let me be the first to say that any kind of bullying or hate speech should be banned at public schools. But, is this really what the day is about? And, is this the best way to do it? The answer to both questions – NO! What on the surface appears to be a day to raise awareness of bullying in actuality is a day to promote homosexuality in schools. GLSEN wants your children and mine to accept their belief that homosexuality is normal and those who oppose it on moral grounds are prejudiced. Sorry, I don’t buy it!

See my previous post here for a sample lesson plan from GLSEN.

For more information about the Day of Silence, see this report from Fox News or this one from Focus on the Family.


Campbell’s Soup Promotes Gay Agenda

Mmm, mmm, not so good. . .

Read here from the Pomegranate Apple about another company succumbing to pressure from gay activists:

Campbell’s Soup Promotes Gay Agenda

Sad, isn’t it?

CRUSHED by the Prop 8 Blacklist

Margie Christoffersen on the brink of a nervous breakdown as El Coyote business down 30%

What started as a $100 donation from a private citizen has grown into one of the ugliest consequences of an already ugly backlash over Proposition 8. The trouble began in the days following the passage of Proposition 8, when gay extremists took revenge on those who donated to the Yes on 8 campaign. Websites popped up like this one listing Proposition 8 donors by name, city of residence, and amount donated. Unfortunately, someone recognized the name of Margie Christoffersen as a manager of El Coyote restaurant in Los Angeles. Although the restaurant never donated to the campaign, gay activists decided to boycott El Coyote as retribution for Christoffersen’s $100 donation. Night after night, gays picketed the restaurant, yelling and harassing patrons. Finally, Margie could take no more. “I’ve almost had a nervous breakdown.” she shared with Steve Lopez of the LA Times. “It’s been the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.” The LA Times article also reported on the sad state of El Coyote. “Sections of the restaurant have been closed. . .Some of the 89 employees, many of them gay, have had their hours cut, and layoffs are looming”

Unlike the Day Without A Gay flop, the Prop 8 blacklist is working! Why, because defenders of traditional marriage have not done enough to prevent it. It’s time for us to stand up for traditional marriage, before the gay extremists take their next victim! What are you willing to do?

“Gay Issues” Curriculum for Kindergarteners?

Elementary School Teachers Join Day Without A Gay

You may have heard that this Wednesday, many gays and their supporters are calling in sick to show how much they will be missed as an integral part of the work force. Sounds peaceful enough, and if that’s how they want to raise awareness, I say that’s much better than vandalizing churches, harassing Prop 8 donors, or calling me a racist bigot. But, did you hear what some Philadelphia elementary school teachers are going to do during their day off? Read this excerpt from the Boston Herald:

Scott Craig, a fifth-grade teacher at Independence Charter School in Philadelphia, had no problem requesting and being granted the day off. So many of the school’s 60 teachers were eager to show support for gay rights they had to make sure enough stayed behind to staff classrooms.

About 25 teachers plan to take Wednesday off and to have their work covered by substitutes while they discuss ways to INTRODUCE GAY ISSUES to their students and volunteer at the local branch of the American Civil Liberties Union, Craig said. A letter telling parents why so many teachers would be out went home Monday.

Does anyone still believe that gay marriage will not be taught to kindergartners? It’s only a matter of time. . .

Shame on you, you Heterosexist!

Teaching Intolerance through Tolerance Education

One of the major developers of curriculum for schools about gay issues is the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network GLSEN. One of their programs for schools is called Safe Space. On the surface, this program sounds great. According to the Program Introduction, the goal of the program is to shape a school culture that is accepting of all people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion or other differences. Now, who wouldn’t want that? But, the problem is that while affirming the rights of gays and lesbians, it preaches against those who may feel differently about homosexuality due to personal or religious beliefs. A classic example is the activity on page 30 of the program called Terminology Match Up. One of the terms students and teachers are asked to define is heterosexism. GLSEN defines heterosexism as a bias against homosexuality rooted in the belief that heterosexuality is superior or the norm..

Do you see the hypocrisy? For gay activists like those who wrote this curriculum, it’s not enough to be tolerant of all people’s gender or sexual identity. They are only satisfied if we wholeheartedly endorse theirs. So, how do you think a little Catholic girl would feel in such an activity? I can hear her now, Teacher, but my church taught me that homosexuality is wrong. Sorry, responds the teacher, your church is teaching you to be a heterosexist, and that’s bad!

Please don’t misunderstand me. I have NO tolerance for hateful speech or actions against the gay community. But, where is the reciprocation for the religious community? I’m still waiting.

For a more detailed definition of heterosexism, including how gays are using it to fight traditional marriage, click here