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Teaching Same-Sex Marriage in Schools – Will it happen?

This article from Fox News gives some updated information on the pledge cards that kindergartners were asked to sign as part of Faith Ringgold School’s celebration of National Ally Week. The cards asked students to promise, “not use anti-LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) language or slurs; intervene, when I feel I can, in situations where others are using anti-LGBT language or harassing other students and actively support safer schools efforts.” This activity was one of many that happened as a celebration of Gay and Lesbian History month. Students also had a “Coming Out Day” and later will participate in a “Trans-Action Gender-Bender Read Aloud”. See the original article here:School Holds Surprise Gay Day

Are these appropriate activities for elementary school students? Of course not. So, why did they happen? In my opinion, this has a direct relation to the California Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage. The ruling sent a message to school districts, although implicit, that same-sex marriage is now equal to traditional marriage in California. As we have seen here and at Creative Arts Charter School in San Francisco (First Graders Attend Lesbian Wedding), some of California’s more liberal educators are jumping at the chance to teach students about homosexuality. In the name of tolerance, they are biasing young minds into believing that homosexuality is normal and should be accepted as such. Therefore, gay marriage must be normal as well.

Why hasn’t this happened in more schools? I believe most school leaders are wiser than these, so they are waiting for the results of Tuesday’s election. If Proposition 8 fails, then school leaders that already want to teach same-sex issues in elementary schools will go ahead. When confronted by disgruntled parents, they have only to say that it is California law, so why not teach it?

Please, consider the consequences of approving same-sex marriage in California. It hasn’t happened yet, but as an educator, I tell you, it’s only a matter of time. The curriculum has already been created by groups like the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network and New Day Films Many teachers already feel that this is an important topic for youngsters, comparing it to the civil rights movement of the sixties. What’s left? Only for Proposition 8 to fail. Please vote Yes on Proposition 8. Let’s keep discussions of sexual preference out of elementary schools.

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Faith Ringgold School Kindergarten Pledge Card

Please watch this new youtube video from the coalition to protect marriage. It discusses Faith Ringgold School in Hayward, California. If you are unfamiliar with the events happening at the school, see my other posts, or click here for the original news report School Holds Surprise Gay Day. To briefly summarize, the school has been in the news for holding a “Coming Out Day” for kindergartners as well as holding meetings of the Gay Straight Alliance Club in a Kindergarten classroom.

Details have emerged of a pledge card the kindergartners were asked to sign that said they would be “allies” of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender individuals. This is just too much for a young student to understand. It has nothing to do with tolerance and everything to do with the gay activist agenda. Anyways, the video puts it better than I do, so please watch!

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Same-Sex Marriage in California Schools? Of course not. . .

The battle over Proposition 8 is raging. Jack O’Connell, Ellen DeGeneres, and now Diane Fienstein have jumped on the No on 8 bandwagon to decry the Yes on 8 ads as “shameful”, “discriminatory”, and “wrong”. Do you see the tactic? They are trying to shame us into voting No on 8. Oh, come on. We know that you think it’s a matter of equal rights, but I don’t. I hold the belief that you CAN be respectful of gays and lesbians without selling out on personal beliefs. I’m sorry. I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. I don’t hate you, I just disagree with you.

I’m still waiting for the No on 8 commercials to defend the First Grade Field Trip to a Lesbian Wedding or the Faith Ringgold School Kindergarten Coming Out Day . Weren’t these instances of the very thing you say Yes on 8 is lying about?

Here’s another one I’d love you to share with California voters. This is a video from New Day Films entitled It’s Elementary. Quoting from the New Day Films Website:

It’s Elementary takes cameras into classrooms across the U.S. to look at one of today’s most controversial issues – whether and how gay issues should be discussed in schools. It features elementary and middle schools where (mainly heterosexual) teachers are challenging the prevailing political climate and its attempt to censor any dialogue in schools about gay people. Rather than focusing on the debate between adults, though, the film takes the point of view of the school children, starting as young as first grade.

California Crusader’s translation – “We at New Day Films think same-sex relationships should be seen as normal, and we want to teach that belief in elementary schools.” So, New Day Films, am I allowed to create a curriculum that teaches the opposite? Of course not – that would be hate speech.

Anyways, be ready for some jaw-dropping lessons taught to real children in real elementary schools. Be clear, I’m not arguing that discussions of same-sex relationships should be avoided with young children, only avoided in elementary schools. As you will see in the video, these children don’t have the critical thinking skills to even question what is being taught to them. For them, a teacher said it, so it must be true. Here’s the link:

The Homosexual Agenda in Elementary Schools

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Same-Sex Marriage in California Schools

Please watch this new video from the Family Research Council. It discusses the Parker and Wirthlin families , both whose children were taught about same-sex marriage in Massachusetts schools. Think it can’t happen in California? Read my other posts where it already has!

School Holds Surprise Gay Day for Kindergarteners

A Field Trip to a Lesbian Wedding

And don’t forget, to date, the California Teachers Association has given $1,312,998 against Proposition 8 making them the largest institutional donor to the No on 8 campaign. Why are they so concerned about the outcome of Prop 8 if it really has nothing to do with public schools?

Here’s the video:

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School Holds Surprise “Gay” Day for kindergarteners

People, I’m not making this stuff up. For all of you out there that are buying the lies from the No on 8 commercials, here’s more proof of the unintended consequences of approving same-sex marriage in California. This week, Faith Ringgold School of Art and Science in Hayward, California is celebrating Gay and Lesbian History month by holding a “Coming Out Day”. A Kindergartner told her mother that she is “learning to be allies” with homosexuals. Parents WERE NOT given an opt-out notice. Need I say more?

Spread the word, here’s the link:

School Holds Surprise Gay Day

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