California Supreme Court to Announce Prop 8 Ruling on Tuesday

At last, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The California Supreme Court announced that it will “issue an opinion in three cases challenging the constitutionality of Proposition 8 at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, May 26, 2009.”

If the court upholds Prop 8, please don’t egg my house.

Here’s the link where the ruling will be posted.

For more info and commentary, see:
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  1. Berlet98 on

    Sarah Palin,the Dirty Old Man,and Ugly Feminists

    I’ll confess. I think Sarah Louise Heath Palin, who happens to be the first female governor of the great state of Alaska, is the foxiest politician I’ve seen in my lifetime. My wife of 41 years doesn’t even blink anymore when I mention that fact.

    Would I vote for her as president of the United States because she’s attractive? Not bloody likely, even if she were a replication of Britney Spears or Carrie Prejean. If she resembled Judge Sonia Sotomayor, it would be even more bloody unlikely.

    Palin’s looks are not the issue, or shouldn’t be. What is an issue in 2009–and which will be an issue in 2012– is not the reincarnation of J.D. Salinger’s dirty old man, in the person of dirty old Dave Letterman, or Palin’s looks but whether Dyke-World can overcome its revulsion over attractive women who aren’t lesbians.

    It will be a challenge; most who flock to Dyke World more closely resemble Betty Friedan than Mrs. Palin. Brains and success, and Palin has both in spades, appeal to the lez set, but attractiveness seems to be a contraindicator for acceptance for most feminazis.

    Make no mistake, the libs, the gays, the lesbians, and the Democrats, which is a redundancy, are terrified of Governor Sarah Palin and Letterman is nothing but a water carrier for that whole crew. Letterman’s crudities are almost irrelevant. What is worth emphasis is the atmosphere in which Dirty Dave and his writers feel free to dump on Palin.

    It’s the same prevailing atmosphere which allows attacks on a beauty queen for being honest about gay marriage, which mandates the persecution of a radio shock jock for letting slip a dumb racial slur, and which hounded a sports commentator twenty or so years ago who was fired by CBS for praising Black athletes’ slave-derived athleticism.

    To liberals today there are various levels of discriminatory language, acceptable, marginal, and totally objectionable, and they determine the parameters of each category. The Left, for example, has twisted words and language to such an extent that the term “reproductive rights” now has no relation to reproduction but rather to aborting life.

    Letterman’s inane “jokes,” referring to the governor of Alaska as a slut and to her daughter being knocked-up way out in right field at Yankee Stadium are in a class with Wanda Sykes’ “humorous” wish that Rush Limbaugh die of kidney failure. That brand of ”humor” so tickled Obama’s funny bone that he all but peed his pants when he heard it. The rest of the lib establishment either condoned or ignored it.

    Incredibly, Letterman’s entire defense of his knocked-up crack was that he was referring to Bristol Palin who, since she was 18 and, to feminist dismay, had chosen to bear her child out of wedlock instead of aborting the baby. She thereby violated the First Commandment of liberal theology, Thou shalt abort inconvenient babies. Their Second Commandment is, Thou shalt abort any baby if you don’t want it, inconvenient or no.

    Never would Dirty Dave refer to 14 year old Willow Palin in such a way. Not Dave! That would be statutory rape! It was just hunky dorey, however, to make light of Bristol being raped by Alex Rodriquez. I assume, Dirty Dave considered her a fallen woman already and so, who knows, maybe it was consensual.

    It was Willow Palin and not Bristol Palin who accompanied her mother and Rudy Giuliani to the Yankee game but, hey, ya seen one Palin girl, ya seen ‘em all. They all look alike, right, Mr. Letterman?

    As for his “slutty flight attendant” witticism about Governor Palin, he did sort of apologize for that and will probably not joke about Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton being sluts, unless one of their daughters gets knocked-up out in left field in the Stadium.

    No doubt Dirty Dave, who didn’t marry his son Harry’s mother until the boy was five, . . .
    (Read the rest at

  2. Berlet98 on

    Happy Father’s Day, Alec and Johnny!

    Sunday, June 21st is Father’s Day, a day devoted to America’s fathers, young and old, living or passed to their reward. On this auspicious occasion, I thought it apt to mention two of the nation’s most unusual daddies, actor, comedian, political activist, arch-leftist, Alec Rae Baldwin III 2007’s Dad of the Year, and 2008’s Pop of the Year, none other than former North Carolina Senator John Reid Edwards who, sing hallelujah! is mulling a comeback!

    It’s two years old now and Alec Baldwin’s daughter, Ireland, is now 13 or 14 but the recording of his vicious, threatening tirade delivered to a child lives on forever in the annals of fatherhood:

    The nasty harangue is nothing shy of verbal child abuse and the only reason she is identified above as “now 13 or 14″ is because her less-than-doting dad didn’t even seem to know her age when he called Ireland to rip into her for not making herself available for his loving calls.

    Baldwin has since repented unleashing that string of epithets against his own daughter, suggesting he was pushed to the breaking point by estranged wife, Kim Bassinger, although he was fully aware he was leaving his message on his daughter’s voice mail.

    He has fully recovered; no word on Ireland’s recovery, if any.

    Not quite so baby-faced anymore, Johnny Edwards, was the unanimous pick in 2007 not because of his siring four children within the bounds of marriage to wife, Elizabeth, but to knocking up, to use Dirty Dave Letterman’s expression, former campaign worker, Rielle Hunter.

    Putting the ultimate kibosh on his already-moribund presidential effort, poor Senator Edwards, he of the “two America’s” shtick, was caught almost literally with his johnny-pants down trying to skulk out of the Beverly Hilton, after hiding out in a basement men’s room for 20 minutes.

    For my fellows with failing memories, please see two entries on the Edwards’ Saga from last summer, “John Edwards . . .” ( and “Sex, Lies and DNA . . .” (

    In a nutshell, squeaky-clean Johnny . . .
    (Read the rest at

  3. Berlet98 on

    Government Discriminatory Screwing of Normal Shacker-uppers

    (Fifth in a series in recognition of New York City’s “Gay Pride Week”)

    I’ve never been a member of any minority that I know of but I can now better empathize with the discrimination some minorities claim to suffer. Any discriminatory action must be painful to endure but when its source is the government of the United States it is not only painful but infuriating.

    A recent article on The American Spectator, “Friends with Benefits,” by George Neumayr reveals the essence of that discrimination in a quotation from the Washington Post, “Barack Obama’s presidential memorandum that decrees in these dark days of recession new ‘benefits to partners of federal workers. . . . [the memo] does not cover domestic heterosexual partners.’ “

    If you happen to be a heterosexual worker, you get didleysquat, nothing, nada, zilch in new benefits. They are reserved for homosexuals in the employ of our government.

    The tipoff should have been the word “partners,” the preferred term for gay lovers who are, usually, shacking up. As Neumayr writes, “Heterosexual sinners need to hire better lobbyists, or hope that Obama soon finds in his impressively massive heart a new and richer understanding of their attempts at semi-committed love:”

    A GAO employee, a lesbian and ordained “minister” Candy Holmes, told the Post she wants “to believe this is the beginning of equality.”

    I must be missing something here. . . .

    (Read the rest at

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